A Practical Guide to Managing Parkinson’s Disease


A Practical Guide to managing Parkinson/s Disease – Available on AMAZON Kindle and AUDIBLE AUDIOBOOK.




This book presents practical approaches and very basic exercises and drills that can be done by a patient or supervised by family members or caregivers. Exercises presented here used and utilized by therapists in the actual clinic.**Parkinson's disease (PD) is the 2nd most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer's disease. It imposes an economic and social burden on the old age population.  It cannot really be cured. Progressive means, it's proceeding in steps. Parkinson’s disease does not heal easily. It gets worse with the passage of time. Every effort to delay the disease process is worthwhile. This book presents practical strategies to help a loved one or a family member. Has images of exercises and drills.

Many more activities can be done with Parkinson's to facilitate the quality of life. This book aims to be able to contribute to that goal. It is a small piece of managing this very complex and debilitating disease.

Features simple exercises and strategies are presented to address the very common issues of Parkinson's Disease: TREMORS, RIGIDITY, WALKING, POSTURAL AND MOVEMENT DIFFICULTIES, FALLING, and others.

Authored by a practicing Physical Therapist with contributions from colleagues who are Rehab Professionals.


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