A Practical Guide to Managing Headaches

Available on Amazon Kindle. Also available on Audible Audiobooks. It is also translated into Spanish Paperback and Spanish Audiobook. Part of the Self-Treating Patient series by Lovena Suson, P.T.

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***A Practical Guide to Managing Headaches- The Self-Treating Patient***


The Self-Treating Patient Series (Book 3)
There is that chasm where a patient is left once conventional treatment options fall short. That black hole where a patient is left to deal with symptoms that come and go. A patient then becomes –
After all, one still has to deal with the chores and tasks of daily living. Even a “minor” headache can take the joy out of enjoying quality time with family and everyday life.

“Some pain you can distance yourself from, but a headache sits right where you live.”
-Mark Lawrence

Headaches diminish Quality of Life: sufferers know. As physical therapists, we see this every day in patients we see. Be it a neck, shoulder, or back pain, disruption in the biomechanical function of these structures also result in headaches.

This book contains practical tips & strategies from a physical therapist, from experience with patients who also provided tips on self-management of symptoms. This book can be a helpful addition to the arsenal of alternatives and options for the sufferer.


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