About Motionz: Exercise Program for Balance & Health

Initially called “Prime Motions” from it’s inception at the Functional Therapy Center Clinics in Brevard County, developer has renamed it “Motionz” in 2021.

It is proprietary and will soon be offered at Motionz Health Physical Therapy Clinics soon to be established in the Melbourne, Orlando area. It’s focus would be towards improving balance and preventing falls in the older  adult population.

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 Motionz Tai-Chi-based exercise program for Balance and Fall prevention:

Motionz will be a flag bearer program of Motionz Health. Developed by Lovena Suson, P.T. It consists of slow, controlled, coordinated movements that promote postural stability, better walking pattern, improved strength, better that can ultimately prevent falls. This exclusive exercise technique will be utilized during therapy sessions to appropriate patients who are at risk for falls due to poor balance.





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