No Hassle Website Review & Journey: From a Physical Therapist with No Technical Know-How

I have wanted to migrate my Blogger Blog posts to a WordPress site. Having no knowledge of how to get started, I found out on Fiverr, my go-to gig site, that  WordPress websites can cost a lot. By the hundreds in fact. Then, I came across an ad for the NO Hassle website for &99. I thought it was a fluke. Here’s what I saw:

“The ONLY ready-made website that already has EVERYTHING an entrepreneur like yourself needs: a beautiful,  professional, flawless, fully customizable, sales-driven, service-based site, with built-in pages, opt-ins, shop, landing page, thank-you page, SEO and even Facebook tracking pixels!” Just plug in your info & images and you are done. REALLY. The perfect COMBINATION of a DIY & a Designer Website.

I just had to give it a try as I desperately needed a WordPress website, which I learned has more functionality. If indeed, this offer can get you a pre-made website with the most common components one can want, I want in.



desktop screens



Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against freelancers. They can do a great job. For me, it is just very costly. Fiverr has freelancers who could do this for a fee. Starting from a few pages to a complex multipage site with E-commerce capabilities, plug-ins, and more. The price, however, goes up as more features are added.

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The downfall for this, however, is that once it is completed, you are left to maintain your website. If you are a beginning blogger like me, even posting articles on a website will prove to be a very daunting task. At least, it is for me. Maintaining the website and customizing is another thing. That takes patience (which I admit I don’t have much of, with techie stuff!). Being a busy physical therapist in an orthopedic office and managing the rehab department takes up most of my time.




My thought process was, what if, I wanted to include videos, images, change the looks, the layout, and design, I would have to hire another freelancer or developer to do that for me. Who has that time?





What I learned with freelancers on Fiverr when I published Ebooks on Kindle, Audiobooks on Audible with Amazon is that it does take time to complete the project. Meanwhile, I am there, twiddling my thumbs waiting on each segment (Book Cover design, formatting, etc.) to be completed.

This time, I wanted to LEARN more about how to navigate WordPress. This way, I can go through my blogging journey actually learning how to manage my website. No Hassle website was my first attempt.

It took only 3 days for my order to be completed. True enough, it was only $99. And… wow, it indeed came with the pages I needed for what I wanted. An ABOUT page, Home, Services, BLOG, Contact Page, and even a scheduling page loaded with Calendly. Honestly, I am still trying to work on that scheduling page. I may have use for that later on.

A really great added bonus I think, is its Woocommerce functionality. How cool is that! It is even pre-loaded with three sample products that one can start building on. I intend to sell products at some point on this website and just knowing I can get started on it with the samples provided, is a great help!




The NoHassle website deal is hosted on DIVI, which I am proud to say, I am quite learning more to navigate. Neta, from the No Hassle website, has been a great help. It came with instructions on pretty much EVERYTHING you need to know how to set this up. There was no way I could have even have started without those instructional videos.

I had the videos open on one tab, and working on my website on the other tab. I felt like a kindergarten pupil working on the website referring to the video instructions. Playing the instructions, pausing it, doing it on the site, and then watching the video again. But, it all came together.

I’m not gonna lie, it was not all fine and dandy. There were times I had to pause and take deep breaths. Screaming on my pillow as I get frustrated happened a few times. After all, I have an excuse. Haha! I heal and fix broken bodies with little to no tech skills whatsoever!




I have tried putting up a blog site in the past with a Wix site. It was drag and drop. The website for some reason soon slowed and became more difficult to manage.  I had nowhere to turn to for tech support. When clinical projects took precedence over my blogging adventures, I just gave it up. One regret I had was, I never bothered to save all the blogs on that website which I should have. Articles on that blog site were all originals.

Going back to my No Hassle website journey, indeed, my website is up and running, yay! My blogs on Blogger by Google are finally migrated into the NoHassle WordPress website. It is not perfect, but I learned how to upload my blog posts, add images and even embed Youtube videos! For me, that was an accomplishment in itself. It did take time for me how to work that on that module.

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What I found with the DIVI theme is that you have to get familiar with the different blocks and what they do. Differentiating sections, rows, and modules took time for me. Saving what I did, was one thing I learned the hard way. After completing all I needed to load in a page, I forget to SAVE it. Which was really supposedly a no-brainer after you complete a project. But, there it was, it happened many times.

After a while, you get the hang of it, however. Proud to say, I learned how to customize fonts, size, borders, shades, adding links, formatting, and more. A  great accomplishment for someone like me who doesn’t know anything about putting websites together.




My website is still a work in progress. Just learning how to do the basics and knowing that I can edit and revise things and content anytime I want without having to pay an arm and a leg is very fulfilling. In the past, I have paid hundreds, even thousands total just to have an up and running website. One bad experience I had was a website being held hostage by the developer demanding more pay for additional features and revisions I needed. That was not a pleasant experience.

To summarize my experience with the NOHassle website: It is a lifesaver for one like me who does not want to spend much to get started with a website.




  1. COST – impossibly reasonable. You can’t find a better deal for what is included in the offer.
  2. FEATURES – Great deal for having all the features you could want in a website without any additional cost.
  3. INSTRUCTIONS – This was the most welcome help I have ever gotten. The videos of Neta (founder of the NoHassle Website) teaching you how to get started from start to finish, were very well thought of! I really think she made it so easy, that I actually felt like I can do it!
  4. THE LOOK – I chose the Orange and Blue Theme and am very happy with it. It looked clean, simple. I was able to change border shading, backgrounds, font sizes, and types, easily.
  5. SUPPORT / COMMUNICATION – Now this one is I could really say Neta is the best! She has responded to my queries in video format. It comes across as very personal, and very helpful Just today, I submitted a support ticket around 8:32 AM, and by 9:34 AM, I had a response from her in my inbox! Now, that is SUPPORT indeed.

An Independent Review


Just to make it clear, Neta, founder of the No-Hassle website offer does not have an affiliate program. I did ask her about it, as I was just a believer in her offer. I was impressed by the fact that she is down to earth and wants to stay organic about wanting her product to be known for what it is. And the price is just unbelievable. $99. Nothing can beat that for what you get.

This review has no compensation from her in any shape or form. Just her being able to offer this to many like me is just exceptional. I support any product or program that has helpful and real benefits to consumers like me.

Please refer to my NoHassle Website to check out my efforts:

This was my Blogger by Google Website as well:

Click to Check out the No Hassle Website here…

If you have any questions regarding my journey with putting up this website, do message me! I would love to hear from you! Even if it is only how I can inspire you to get started with your own blog using the No-Hassle website offer.

I understand that the hardest thing in a blogging journey is just taking that first step. I am still on that journey. As you can see, I haven’t even monetized my site yet. This is still a journey. But as scary as it was, I took the first step. YOU CAN DO THIS too!

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