This is our temporary announcement board due to our Group Situation on FB. Once that is resolved, our announcements and updates will resume in that group. My first ever experience of being hacked, as I have been aggressive in blocking undesirables in the group, whose profiles I cannot trace and confirm and has been sending nasty links to our group and messed with our videos. Hopefully you did not get to see them, nor clicked their links. I never thought having to prove who I am to FB can be a very taxing endeavor, to think that there are no violations listed on our group account. But that “it is at their discretion to do so”. But FB is FB and all have to abide by their rules. If the most prominent of personalities can be blocked, small, little, insignificant me can easily become a statistic. FB was nice enough to rescind but will take a week before we, group Admins can be reinstated. Ha! Ha!

But to get to the important matters: We will have only 16 teams at this time, to ensure that ease of the order of the competition is upheld. Division A & B can still take on players, WE ARE NEAR PLAY CAPACITY!!!

We will accept teams on the waiting list however, as there may be teams who will not be available at the last moment. Members, (not the admins) can post on FB so you can still visit the group on FB and post T-shirt orders.


  1. Joseph Larrabee & Bill Lewin
  2. Jess Rodriguez & Bong Tan
  3. Gerardo Dorado & Dr. Gerry Rodriguez
  4. Fred / Rene Agoncillo
  5. Richard Ilagan & Mark Cabahug
  6. Glen Gandiongco & Dr. Sergio Balingit
  7. Marko Remedio & Jun Impreso
  8. Roderick Matin-ao & Owen Renejane 
  9. Robert Obet Mac & Gerry Garcia
  10. Glenn Montenegro & Edwin Ballellos
  11. JC Rodriguez & Christian Rasband
  12. Dr. Norman Novis & Kenneth Apalisok
  13. Edward Naron & Bimbo Enriquez
  14. Father Ramon Bolatete & Roderick Enjambre
  15. Dennis Manabat & Henry Ben
  16.  Eric Golden & Partner


  1. Don Ray Villarin & Adner Barrios
  2. Derek Maglasang & Nick Farrokh
  3. Angelo Fernandez & Francis Guantero
  4. Dr. Srinivas Attanti & Partner
  5. Dr. Reyes & Partner
  6. Dr. George Couturier & Partner
  7. Dennis Lumpay & Partner
  8. Richard Horsley & Dominic Ungson
  9. Elmer Arcenal & R.D.
  10. Leo Lopez & Joel Yap
  11. Jun Tolentino & Michael Basbano
  12. Eric Villanueva & Jovan Cinco
  13. Ronald Eijansantos & Lito de la Cruz
  14. Willie Erana & Boboy Valencia
  15. Kyle Tetterton & Partner


  1. Eve Schotter & Carina Gandiongco
  2. Kim Vose & Lori Delsole
  3. Mary Ann Ballellos & Nikki Ann Ballelos
  4. Vilma Naron & Lovena Suson

(ADDITIONAL REGISTRANTS BELOW, /RESERVED/WAITING LIST, will determine pairing if we have 3 more women’s pair to participate. It has to be 8 pairs to have proper pairing for the competition) Encouraging lady players for the women’s doubles!

  1. Bing Tiu & Partner

WE ARE GOOD FOR THE WOMEN’S DOUBLES PLAY! We will keep a waiting list open, just in case. 4 more pairs would be ideal, if we do get more registrants.


  1.  Vilma Naron & Lucky Partner
  2.  Lovena Suson & Lucky Partner
  3. Eve Schotter & Lucky Partner
  4. Carina Gandiongco & Lucky Partner
  5. Kim Vose & Lucky Partner
  6. Mary Ann Ballellos & Lucky Partner
  7. Nikki Ann Ballelos & Lucky Partner
  8. Lori Delsole & Lucky Partner

WE ARE GOOD FOR THE MIXED DOUBLES EVENT! WE ARE….. FULL!!! Ideal order of play. We will keep a waiting list open, however, just in case!

10/16/2021 UPDATE: – We reopened the JUNIOR’S DIVISION AS THERE ARE REGISTRANTS. Junior Players can play FREE, they don’t have to pay the registration fee. This is to appreciate and encourage their participation in the event. We love our Junior players as they are the future players. We will accommodate any number of Junior players and will determine order of play on the day of the event, based on attendance. We have a special round for them, special awards and surprises that they will love! 

JUNIOR DIVISION: (Boys & Girls Combo)

  1. (Team 1 Names coming up – officially registered/committed)
  2. (Team 2 Names coming up – Officially Committed)
  3. (Team 3 Names coming up – Officially Committed)


The above schematic diagram is to give you an idea why 16 Pairs for each division is ideal. I did my best drawing, hahah!

We have a surprise scheme of play, where everyone gets to battle, even if a team loses the Round of 16/First Round!!! This is to make your participation and attendance count, as, our goal is to promote this enjoyment of the game!!! I can assure you, this is a very unique platform as suggested by Jess Rodriguez, to promote the goodwill and camaraderie among us. You will not regret to be in this tournament! No one has ever done this before! You will know on the day of the Event. I had to revise my order of trophies as well, to accommodate this style of play!

All I can say is, be prepared for SURPRISES, SURPRISES, AND MORE SURPRISE MATCHES even for the ladies who attend the event. YOU WILL LOVE IT! It will be a lot of fun for you to stay through the EVENT! It will be well worth it, I can assure you!

I apologize I have to do this posting here. It is not my wish to be self-serving on my website. This is just for the time being, for no one will bother us here, as I own and manage this domain. Until we are able to post again, next week, just check out the BLOG SECTION to get updates. I appreciate your patience. You can still message me on Messenger for questions and inquiries.

Again, thank you and HAVE AN AMAZING AND BLESSED DAY! (Please check below for T-shirt orders:)

  1. Lito de la Cruz – 1 Blk & 1 Wht = Large
  2. Glenn Montenegro – BLK/3X
  3. Rady Dorado – BLK/Small
  4. Ting Derek – BLK/medium & 1 Blk/Large
  5. Adner Barrios – BLK/small
  6. Anjlo Fernz – BLK/XXL
  7. Don Ray Villarin – BLK/medium
  8. Eric Villanueva – BLK/medium
  9. Jess Rodriguez – WHT/Med
  10. Ronald Eijansantos – BLK/Medium
  11. Garry Garcia – WHT/Small
  12. Glen Gandiongco – BLK/Medium
  13. JC Rodriguez – WHT/Med
  14. Joel Yap – BLK/2x
  15. Kcridor Clear – BLK/Large
  16. Juhvann Conci – WHT/Large
  17. Kenneth Apalisok – 1 BLK, 1 WHT, Large
  18. Chico Pinerito – WHT/Large

OTHER UPDATES: (10/13/2021)

  1. Trophy Order is COMPLETE! Delivery date is the end of October, so we made it in time. T-shirts are ordered, arriving October 28, 2021. 

  2. Dr. Novis is donating the high-end tennis balls specific for clay. Hoorayyyy! Thank you, Dr. Novis! 

  3. We have 2 pairs of Juniors Mixed Doubles Teams who will play an exhibition game. We will recognize them, and they will also receive an award for their effort. We encourage our Junior players as they are the future! (Once our knees can no longer bend or straighten out without producing a distinctive symphony. 🙂


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