This is our temporary announcement board due to our Group Situation on FB. Once that is resolved, our announcements and updates will resume in that group. My first ever experience of being hacked, as I have been aggressive in blocking undesirables in the group, whose profiles I cannot trace and confirm and has been sending nasty links to our group and messed with our videos. Hopefully you did not get to see them, nor clicked their links. I never thought having to prove who I am to FB can be a very taxing endeavor, to think that there are no violations listed on our group account. But that “it is at their discretion to do so”. But FB is FB and all have to abide by their rules. If the most prominent of personalities can be blocked, small, little, insignificant me can easily become a statistic. FB was nice enough to rescind but will take a week before we, group Admins can be reinstated. Ha! Ha!

But to get to the important matters: We will have only 16 teams at this time, to ensure that ease of the order of the competition is upheld. Division A & B can still take on players, WE ARE NEAR PLAY CAPACITY!!!

We will accept teams on the waiting list however, as there may be teams who will not be available at the last moment. Members, (not the admins) can post on FB so you can still visit the group on FB and post T-shirt orders.


  1. Joseph Larrabee & Bill Lewin
  2. Jess Rodriguez & Bong Tan
  3. Gerardo Dorado & Dr. Gerry Rodriguez
  4. Fred / Rene Agoncillo
  5. Richard Ilagan & Mark Cabahug
  6. Glen Gandiongco & Dr. Sergio Balingit
  7. Marko Remedio & Jun Impreso
  8. Roderick Matin-ao & Owen Renejane 
  9. Robert Obet Mac & Gerry Garcia
  10. Glenn Montenegro & Edwin Ballellos
  11. JC Rodriguez & Christian Rasband
  12. Dr. Norman Novis & Kenneth Apalisok
  13. Edward Naron & Bimbo Enriquez
  14. Father Ramon Bolatete & Roderick Enjambre
  15. Dennis Manabat & Henry Ben
  16.  Eric Golden & Partner


  1. Don Ray Villarin & Adner Barrios
  2. Derek Maglasang & Nick Farrokh
  3. Angelo Fernandez & Francis Guantero
  4. Dr. Srinivas Attanti & Partner
  5. Dr. Reyes & Partner
  6. Dr. George Couturier & Partner
  7. Dennis Lumpay & Partner
  8. Richard Horsley & Dominic Ungson
  9. Elmer Arcenal & R.D.
  10. Leo Lopez & Joel Yap
  11. Jun Tolentino & Michael Basbano
  12. Eric Villanueva & Jovan Cinco
  13. Ronald Eijansantos & Lito de la Cruz
  14. Willie Erana & Boboy Valencia
  15. Kyle Tetterton & Partner


  1. Eve Schotter & Carina Gandiongco
  2. Kim Vose & Lori Delsole
  3. Mary Ann Ballellos & Nikki Ann Ballelos
  4. Vilma Naron & Lovena Suson

(ADDITIONAL REGISTRANTS BELOW, /RESERVED/WAITING LIST, will determine pairing if we have 3 more women’s pair to participate. It has to be 8 pairs to have proper pairing for the competition) Encouraging lady players for the women’s doubles!

  1. Bing Tiu & Partner

WE ARE GOOD FOR THE WOMEN’S DOUBLES PLAY! We will keep a waiting list open, just in case. 4 more pairs would be ideal, if we do get more registrants.


  1.  Vilma Naron & Lucky Partner
  2.  Lovena Suson & Lucky Partner
  3. Eve Schotter & Lucky Partner
  4. Carina Gandiongco & Lucky Partner
  5. Kim Vose & Lucky Partner
  6. Mary Ann Ballellos & Lucky Partner
  7. Nikki Ann Ballelos & Lucky Partner
  8. Lori Delsole & Lucky Partner

WE ARE GOOD FOR THE MIXED DOUBLES EVENT! WE ARE….. FULL!!! Ideal order of play. We will keep a waiting list open, however, just in case!

10/16/2021 UPDATE: – We reopened the JUNIOR’S DIVISION AS THERE ARE REGISTRANTS. Junior Players can play FREE, they don’t have to pay the registration fee. This is to appreciate and encourage their participation in the event. We love our Junior players as they are the future players. We will accommodate any number of Junior players and will determine order of play on the day of the event, based on attendance. We have a special round for them, special awards and surprises that they will love! 

JUNIOR DIVISION: (Boys & Girls Combo)

  1. (Team 1 Names coming up – officially registered/committed)
  2. (Team 2 Names coming up – Officially Committed)
  3. (Team 3 Names coming up – Officially Committed)


The above schematic diagram is to give you an idea why 16 Pairs for each division is ideal. I did my best drawing, hahah!

We have a surprise scheme of play, where everyone gets to battle, even if a team loses the Round of 16/First Round!!! This is to make your participation and attendance count, as, our goal is to promote this enjoyment of the game!!! I can assure you, this is a very unique platform as suggested by Jess Rodriguez, to promote the goodwill and camaraderie among us. You will not regret to be in this tournament! No one has ever done this before! You will know on the day of the Event. I had to revise my order of trophies as well, to accommodate this style of play!

All I can say is, be prepared for SURPRISES, SURPRISES, AND MORE SURPRISE MATCHES even for the ladies who attend the event. YOU WILL LOVE IT! It will be a lot of fun for you to stay through the EVENT! It will be well worth it, I can assure you!

I apologize I have to do this posting here. It is not my wish to be self-serving on my website. This is just for the time being, for no one will bother us here, as I own and manage this domain. Until we are able to post again, next week, just check out the BLOG SECTION to get updates. I appreciate your patience. You can still message me on Messenger for questions and inquiries.

Again, thank you and HAVE AN AMAZING AND BLESSED DAY! (Please check below for T-shirt orders:)

  1. Lito de la Cruz – 1 Blk & 1 Wht = Large
  2. Glenn Montenegro – BLK/3X
  3. Rady Dorado – BLK/Small
  4. Ting Derek – BLK/medium & 1 Blk/Large
  5. Adner Barrios – BLK/small
  6. Anjlo Fernz – BLK/XXL
  7. Don Ray Villarin – BLK/medium
  8. Eric Villanueva – BLK/medium
  9. Jess Rodriguez – WHT/Med
  10. Ronald Eijansantos – BLK/Medium
  11. Garry Garcia – WHT/Small
  12. Glen Gandiongco – BLK/Medium
  13. JC Rodriguez – WHT/Med
  14. Joel Yap – BLK/2x
  15. Kcridor Clear – BLK/Large
  16. Juhvann Conci – WHT/Large
  17. Kenneth Apalisok – 1 BLK, 1 WHT, Large
  18. Chico Pinerito – WHT/Large

OTHER UPDATES: (10/13/2021)

  1. Trophy Order is COMPLETE! Delivery date is the end of October, so we made it in time. T-shirts are ordered, arriving October 28, 2021. 

  2. Dr. Novis is donating the high-end tennis balls specific for clay. Hoorayyyy! Thank you, Dr. Novis! 

  3. We have 2 pairs of Juniors Mixed Doubles Teams who will play an exhibition game. We will recognize them, and they will also receive an award for their effort. We encourage our Junior players as they are the future! (Once our knees can no longer bend or straighten out without producing a distinctive symphony. 🙂


3 Worst Sore Muscle Advice and 11 Best Tips Instead


The World’s Worst Sore Muscle Advice and What to Do Instead


I work with both younger and older adults at my private practice clinic. A common complaint however especially after a physical therapy session: “I am sore!!!” Never fails.

Providing education, however, goes a long way in making these patients understand that working specific muscles to address pain, correct movement, does take a toll on muscles but it also promotes its ability and capacity to tolerate more load, allowing an individual to perform daily tasks pain-free. 

 Soreness can be expected when muscles work just beyond what a person does normally on an average day. The results however are worth the effort. This does reassure patients to work through the therapeutic activities knowing it is for a specific purpose.

👉👉👉Do this To Relieve Joint Stiffness

Some good days, you’re pleased with yourself for finally painting the guest room or spending an extra half hour on the rowing machine. The next day you can barely brush your teeth because you’re sore all over. You probably have a case of delayed onset muscle soreness. This is common for weekend warriors as well. And….. we do get them a lot at our clinic. 

That achy feeling is caused by microscopic tears in your muscle tissue, which lead to inflammation and discomfort. It can present itself about 1 or 2 days after engaging in strenuous activity or a task that you don’t normally do on regular days.

 Though it is nothing serious, there are some things that will relieve the pain. Other things you’re better off avoiding. 

 Worst Advice for Treating Sore Muscles

1.      Be a couch potato. “Rest, don’t do anything”, “Stop working out”, “Stop doing exercises”. Although there is merit to this, inactivity will prolong your soreness. Daily conditioning is better, doing easy exercises as per your physical therapist’s advice, or from a good personal or athletic trainer. This consistent and well-planned exercise program or routine is best for your body than popping into the gym once every three months.

2.     Assume all pain is the same. Sudden pain requires a different approach. Stop what you’re doing. Sharp, sudden onset pain is an indication of a significant problem. It can indicate a torn tendon, a sprain or strain, even a fracture in more serious cases. Some patients I worked with fractured toes and ruptured Achilles tendon from doing certain exercises in Crossfit that they are not used to. On the other side of the spectrum, some older adults fracture a hip just by standing up from sitting. Get medical attention if needed for muscle strains and tears.

3.      Worry about lactic acid. Experts used to believe that soreness was caused by lactic acid buildups. Research now shows that lactic acid dissolves almost instantly after exercising. 

 During exercise, the body uses oxygen to break down glucose for energy. When exercising intensely, there may not be enough oxygen available to complete the process. This is when a substance called lactate/lactate acid is produced. Your body can convert this lactate to energy without using oxygen.

The research did determine that lactic acid,  is actually an important energy source for muscles. it further found that the accumulation of lactate does not inhibit the ability of skeletal muscles to contract. The notion that lactic acid is responsible for the delayed onset of muscle soreness, (also known as DOMS), was debunked in the 1980s. Research suggested that muscle soreness is a result of subsequent physiological effects as a response to microscopic trauma sustained during intense exercise. This cascade includes inflammation in the muscles in response to the microtrauma. The research about lactic acid in recent years in relation to muscle fatigue has evolved over the last century. It indicated that lactic acid is not actually the culprit that it was once thought to be in regards to muscle fatigue.  

Do these Instead to Help Your Sore Muscles

1.      Stay active. Moving around increases blood flow. Movement, engaging muscles in daily activities ensure their capacity for activity tolerance. Movement and exercise circulates more oxygen and nutrients to all your body parts so they can heal and grow stronger.

2.      Cross-train. Alternating between recreational activities or sports allows optimal muscle function. Even high-level athletes do it. Famous and renowned basketball players cross-train with soccer, even yoga! Kayaking, paddleboarding, and running target different muscles. Give your arms a day off and work your legs instead. Head for the pool instead of the jogging track.

3.      Intensify workouts gradually. Start easy. You can increase repetitions from 10 to 15 reps to 20 reps as you get better. Always refer to a physical therapist, trainer, or athletic trainer for exercise strategies appropriate for your specific status and condition. Increasing your workout load by 10% or less a week is a good rule to follow. That means running 11 miles if you usually do 10.

4.    Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Dehydration weakens muscles and makes them more prone to soreness. Again, many theories are out there on how much water you need in a day. A rule of thumb, 8 glasses a day. Whether you drink a little lesser or more, your body still gets the hydration it needs. Try coconut water. Potassium-rich, with electrolytes too. Carry a water bottle with you to the gym. Sip water all day long.

5.      Stretch and cool down. Stretching and cooling down makes your workout routine more efficient. Even after playing any recreational sport. Schedule about 5 to 10 minutes at the end of each workout for gentler movements and flexibility training. Bicycle slowly or walk in place. Perform a few static stretches. Move slowly and evenly. Hold each position without straining or bouncing.

6.      Pamper yourself. Get a massage! You deserve it. We work hard all week long. The body knows that. It will also appreciate a winding-down time just to allow relaxation and recovery. Book a session with a sports massage specialist or watch a video about how to perform a self-massage. Check out Groupon for local deals. You’ll be surprised how many good deals you can find in your area. You can go for a session for as low as $25, and establish a rapport with a licensed massage therapist where you can go regularly. They are great at giving you deals for other services too! There are many effective techniques you can use at home or anywhere.

7.      Practice visualization. Visualization and meditation can decrease pain without any harmful side effects. Sit down and imagine your breath soothing away all discomfort. There are many resources online, even videos on meditation and visualization. The point is to take time to give your body a break for healing and relaxation.

8.     Try Cryotherapy. Cold treatment works with sore muscles, especially after intense activity. Cold packs, ice packs, corn syrup packs, ice massage. A point to remember, cold constricts. It causes vasoconstriction, or constriction of blood vessels. Ice works best when applied at the first sign of soreness. Protect your skin by wrapping a towel around an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables. A pillowcase also works great to really allow that coldness to reach deeper layers of the sore area.

9.      Use heat. Heat, especially in chronic cases can relieve soreness, aches, and pains better than ice. It is also a matter of personal preference. Some individuals get relief better with cold, some, with heat. Try which gives you the best relief. Heat may aggravate inflammation, but it also relaxes muscles and reduces spasms. After heat, I have advised patients to also finish it off with cold, for a few minutes. Take a warm bath or apply a heat pack. Ask your doctor about ultrasound and electrical current treatments. Below is an example of a heating pad. Check Amazon for many products. (I am not an affiliate of Amazon nor any of the sellers.)


Tip: Start with a warm or hot bath. Finish it off with a cold shower for about 2-3 minutes, Works great for me after an intense tennis game with colleagues!

10. Check out a  health food store. Consult your primary physician for supplements that are appropriate for your health status or other prescription medications you may be taking. Some people get positive results from certain herbs and vitamins. You may want to try vitamin E supplements or willow bark tea. Tell your doctor about any substances you use to ensure they’re suitable for you.


11.  Take a pain reliever if necessary. Always consult your doctor. Many over-the-counter products provide quick relief. Aspirin and ibuprofen are often recommended because they treat both pain and inflammation. If you use pain-relieving creams, avoid tight bandages or heating pads to prevent skin irritation.

Some pain-relieving creams I use at the clinic: Biofreeze professional-grade, Sombra. There are myriads of brands you can try. Check Amazon. read the reviews. Some products I saw: Pain grenade, Arnicare, Blue Emu, Hemp Relief, Icy Hot, and others. 

Regular physical activity helps you to live a longer and healthier life. You can get fit without any muscle soreness, but for occasional soreness due to over-activity, try these tips for some quick relief. As always, there’s always a physical therapist near you. They would give you good advice and directions. 🙂

Until the next issue!

Look Skinnier Without Losing Weight!

Did you know that you could look skinnier without losing any weight? While you’re waiting to see results from diet and exercise, there are ways to slim down instantly. Try these tips for your wardrobe, hair, face, body, and mind.

👉👉👉13 Essential Tips for the Busy Worker

 Wardrobe Tips for Looking Thinner:

1.      Wear one color at a time. Wearing a single color or similar shades for your whole outfit will help you to look thinner and taller. Black is a practical choice, but other colors can achieve the same effect. Solids are usually more slimming than prints.

2.      Ensure that your clothes fit properly. Wearing clothes that are too small makes you look bigger. Seek a comfortable fit and professional alterations if necessary. Get a personalized bra fitting at any department store periodically to keep up with any changes due to aging or weight fluctuations.

3.      Use undergarments with comfortable shaping. Body shapers and other compression garments are more comfortable than ever before. Invest in some strategic undergarments that will make all your clothes look better.

4.      Choose slimming pants. Look for pants with a flat front and minimal detail. Skip the pants with hidden zippers and no pockets. Pant legs with a slight flare can also help you to look trimmer.



5.      Select flattering tops. Pay attention to the length of your tops. A top that ends below the waist will deflect attention from a thick middle. Similarly, a wide collar will help balance broad hips. 

👉👉👉Remote Workers: Balancing Home & Work

6.      Wear the right shoes. Chunky shoes can make your legs look thicker. Look for narrow pumps with a slightly pointed toe rather than square or rounded toes. Nude shoes are especially good because they make your legs look longer.

7.      Liberate yourself from the fear of swimwear. Many women shrink from shopping for swimwear but there are bathing suits designed for every body type. High-cut legs can make you look thinner. Lightweight compression can keep you feeling comfortable and sleek.

Other Tips for Looking Thinner:

1.      Use makeup to make your face more angular. The iridescent powder can make your face look slimmer and create contours. Brush it along your brow bones and the top of your cheekbones to bring out your bone structure.

2.      Make your eyes stand out. If your eyes look bigger, the rest of your face will appear smaller. Curl your upper lashes and apply extra mascara to your top outer lashes. Keep your eyebrows slightly arched and well-groomed.

3.      Get a flattering haircut. If you want your face to look less full, try cutting your hair shorter. Instead of bangs, pull your hair away from your face to make your face look longer. Choose a hairstyle that adds a little height and fullness to the crown.

4.      Practice good posture. Develop strong abdominal muscles and hold your stomach flat at all times. Pull your shoulders back. It’s good for your health and makes you look leaner.


5.      Get a safe tan. If you think that tanning makes you look thinner, do it safely. Sunless tanning products have come a long way in recent years. Daily tanning moisturizers are one easy option to get a little color gradually without any increased risk of skin cancer or premature aging.

6.      Project a positive attitude. No matter what your dress or pants size is, you’ll feel more attractive when you cultivate a healthy sense of self-esteem and genuine affection for others. Focus on your most attractive features and qualities. People can sense your self-confidence. Confidence and self-worth are attractive. You are uniquely you.

Looking thinner can help you feel more confident and give you the encouragement you need to stick with your fitness program. 

Simple adjustments to your wardrobe and beauty routine can have a huge impact on your appearance and your state of mind.

La Boucherie Brunch

By Lovena Suson, P.T. (👉👉👉Check out This Author’s Books on


For a regular working girl like me, there’s an almost euphoric feel upon waking up on Saturday mornings! An indulgence I take time to enjoy is….brunch! Dinners are great, but breakfasts and brunches have their own appeal. A steaming cup of coffee, pastries, waffles, omelets, and whatever your palate prefers to savor on a particular day.

On this day, my craving was a french breakfast. Luckily, #Orlando has a lot to offer. Browsing through places that offer brunch, I came across La Boucherie, a french restaurant that apparently opened its doors just 2 years ago. La Boucherie or “The butcher’s shop”, “butchery”, “butcher’s shop”, is likely named as such as they specialize in steaks, beef, veal and lamb which is served for lunch and dinner.

Hmmm, never heard of it before but perusing the menu, they offer brunch on weekends. What I saw titillated my appetite. I just had to try this place. Today is my lucky day! So, off we went me and my brunch buddy, my daughter.

👉👉👉9 Great Benefits of a Daily Walk

The place, La Boucherie was easy to find, nestled in the corner of a shopping complex along the intersection of #Turkey Lake Road and #Sand Lake Road, Le Boucherie was right at the corner. Knowing that they open at 10:00 A.M. for brunch, we went 30 minutes earlier to beat the crowd, especially in this current environment. Masks on, we walked through the doors. I immediately noticed the cozy outdoor seating by the main entrance where a few patrons were enjoying their meals.

The greeter was cheery, very welcoming, and very professional. He guided us to a corner table for two right by a shelf of some wine selection. Wow! The feeling you get once inside @La Boucherie is that of being in an upscale establishment where the interior design, furniture selection is impressive. A combination of dark wood, the black and white cow’s hide design on some of the chairs with splashes of reds, and the very modern grey floor was very appealing. I liked the layout of the place. One thing I check and observe is the floor. This place has immaculate floors which I appreciated. It allows an easy flow of traffic and at which time, there was more than enough space for social distancing. 


I took a quick peek at the covered patio seating and it was cozy as well. Gas-lighted torches warmed up the area which was for sure very welcoming to diners seated outside as it was a chilly morning.


Later on during the meal, I made a quick trip to the restroom, as this was another place I take into consideration when checking out local places. It was very clean and one can’t help but notice the well thought of interior design as well.

The La Boucherie staff was very efficient with the seating. The bar right at the entrance was manned by a very pleasant gentleman. From what I saw on the brunch menu, will sure be busy with serving the bottomless mimosas and Sangria. 

Another thing I noticed was that they offer “Energizers”. Irish coffee with whiskey, #Espresso Martini, and a #Carajillo, a mixture of espresso and Licor. Hah! I am sure it will be quite an energizer to sample any of those. I and alcohol do not seem to have a loving relationship, however, so I settled for the classic cappuccino. I’m somewhat conventional, what can I say, haha!

Browsing the menu, I noticed the choices of #Benedicts and #Omelets right away. They even have a selection of fares from the griddle. Top round steak and eggs, who would have thought? The sandwich selection featured a Brunch Burger, Chicken & waffles, and the popular Frenchie/Paris Sandwich.

👉👉👉Remote Workers: Balancing Home & Life

Being a dessert lover, I was impressed by the dessert selection! #Profiteroles, Pecan pie, Sweet #Crepes (I love crepes!), a floating island (a soft meringue in a bed of Creme Anglaise, topped with roasted Almonds & caramel), the popular #Creme Brulee, and chocolate mousse. We opted for the Creme Brulee at the end of our meal which turned out to be exceptional. Just the right texture and sweetness, very creamy and quite a delight to the taste buds.

Our server was a very charming and pleasant young lady named Sara. She helped explain some of the selections and provided information that the owner of the restaurant grow their own coffee! Knowing this, I just had to try it. I opted for the cappuccino which came quite promptly in a very nice mug, personalized with the restaurant’s name and logo. Impressive, @laboucherieusa!

 Even the silverware was engraved with their brand logo including the sugar holders, appetizer plates, and dinner plates. Very proprietary and exclusive. It bespeaks a business that takes pride in its brand and attends to the seemingly mundane details.

Getting hungrier by the minute from browsing the menu, it was hard to decide between an omelet and the benedicts. I gave in to the Salmon Florentine Benedict,

which was on a toasted croissant, chive cream cheese, sauteed spinach, fried salmon, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce served with home fries. 

My daughter Leann opted for the Shrimp and grits benedict: grit cake, sauteed spinach, fried shrimp, poached eggs, chorizo, and french creole hollandaise sauce. 


When the food came, I can tell just by its looks that this was made with such careful artistry by the chef. It looked fresh, well, and very neat on the plate. See for yourself!

Tastewise? The texture of the La Boucherie homemade croissants was impressive. Flaky that seems to crumble with the fork and almost melts in the mouth: very light. The eggs were perfectly poached, not rushed, the sauteed spinach was tasty and well cooked as well. The sauces were just perfect, not overpowering to the palate, and made the whole entree come together as you savor the different textures and tastes.

👉👉👉The Power of Deep Breathing: What You Should Know

Even the potatoes were fried with fresh oil I can tell. The shrimp were lightly battered which allowed one to really enjoy the shrimp flavor and texture with each bite, not overcooked or over-fried.

We settled for good old creme brulee for dessert. Again, great texture and just the right caramelization of sugar on top. It was adorned by three frozen blueberries which added to its visual appeal.

Overall, the experience was quite pleasing. Between the ambiance and great food, great service at La Boucherie just made it all the more worthwhile to experience.

Of note, the La Boucherie dinner menu looked very intriguing as well and I will surely come back to experience that as well!

Have you been to this place before? I would love to hear about your experience. 🙂

Until next blog!

👉👉👉6 Quick Stress Relief Tips Using Reflexology

For any questions, article requests, reviews, would love to hear from you!








MANAGING STRESS: For better Physical and Mental Health

Patrick Diver, Owner of Strength Clinic at .(I requested this friend to share his take on stress.)
patrick-diverFor over 15 years, Patrick has led the way to exceptional fitness results for a diverse range of Orlando men and women and has supervised over 25,000 injury-free workouts.

A graduate of Missouri State University with a B.S. in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training, Patrick’s first certification came from the National Athletic Trainers Association and was followed by certifications from Superslow innovator Ken Hutchins (Superslow Exercise Guild) and YMCA research director Wayne Wescott (Nautilus).
Patrick also speaks regularly and has been featured on Fox-35, News Channel 13, and had given over 150 fitness talks to many of Central Florida’s most successful companies including Darden Restaurants, Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, Universal Creative, and the Orlando Economic Development Commission.
Besides a passion for helping men and women realize their best physical potential, Patrick competes regularly in cycling with multiple states, regional, and national championship medals to his credit, and enjoys playing guitar and taking care of his dog, named Dog.


Stress: Is it good, bad, needed, or unwanted? 
I believe most things in life necessitate a balanced approach: The Yin and Yang if you will. I think stress falls in this umbrella as well. We need a certain amount of stress in life. Without it, it is easy to become stagnant and cease growing.

In my field, muscle tissue is a good example. You’ve probably heard that when you add and develop muscle tissue, your metabolism gets a boost. What does this mean exactly, “get a boost?”
This means that the body burns extra calories. That’s one of the good side effects of strength training – and one you have probably heard of. That is the reason for the current craze in fitness, body-building, and the obsession for the perfect body.
Your body, however, wants to be efficient. It doesn’t really want to burn extra calories because, in the days gone by, it might have been difficult to find those “extra” calories. 
So, if it’s not using muscle to full effect – in other words, if they are not being utilized or stressed on a regular basis to maintain function, then the body will get rid of what it views as metabolically “expensive” tissue.
So in this case, stress is not only desired but absolutely crucial to continue living a high quality of life.
Of course, the application of stress has to be measured. 
Where people get into trouble, whether it is pursuing fitness goals, managing work/life balance, or even dealing with emotions, is when they take on too much stress, without having a means for downtime, rest, and recovery. We become engrossed with stress.
I account for this in my Ironclad Rules. Rule #7 is to: Keep a Relaxed-Focus. This is another way of saying the same thing. 
The continued pursuit of success in life will be difficult to achieve in a negative or overly stressful environment. 
A certain amount of calm and objectivity is needed.
However, you can’t allow yourself to be so calm that you blow things off or shirk responsibilities – hence, Keeping a relaxed focus.
So, while too much stress will ultimately shut down any system, too little stress will yield undesirable results as well.


Like most things in life, it is really about balance.


Stress is unavoidable. It is a significant part of our daily responsibilities and existence. Although there may be a few lucky individuals who claim they have a stress-free life, it may be because they have learned to navigate its complexities and have adapted effectively. A few have found the equilibrium in the midst of the chaos of daily existence. 
We, as mammals of the highest cognitive faculties, possess that capacity to adapt. Though we deal with stress in many different ways based on our psyche and predilections for survival, there is hope. We are ultimately responsible for actions that will allow us to prevail. Just take that step.
As the song goes, “learning to love yourself, is the greatest gift of all,” carries a profound meaning that we ourselves often forget. Many among us tend to get inundated with the need to take care of others and take on responsibilities because we feel we have to. This often becomes a burden that sooner or later snowballs into something that is overwhelming. These stressors soon take away the joy out of life.
Find that balance. Take care of yourself. Find what works for you.
This simple book just provides an overview of the options. There are more out there by individuals who found that key to a productive life and an efficient way of navigating life’s complexities. Study and learn. Adapt. 
Yes, stress can be perceived as unpleasant. Yet, most people find and discover their own strengths in times of adversity.
As Kelly Clarkson’s song goes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Cliche, but its truth rings true. ~~~***~~~



Avoid Overuse Injuries: Top Tips

Avoid Overuse Injuries: Top Tips

Say Goodbye to Overuse Injuries 

Overuse injuries from exercise, running or intense physical activity can cause overuse injuries.

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind, but it can cause two kinds of injuries. You’ll notice major trauma like a sprained ankle or dislocated shoulder immediately, but other damage builds up over time.

⇒ ⇒ ⇒ How Biofreeze Can Help with Pain Relief

Stiff legs or sore elbows could be overuse injuries that usually come from working out too often or too intensely. You may not see any visible signs, but your muscles and skeleton still need healing.

⇒ ⇒ ⇒  How To Say Goodbye to Heel & Foot Pain: Top Tips

 Try these tips that will help you stay active and speed up your recovery when you do suffer an injury.

 Preventing Overuse Injuries:

  1. Schedule rest time. Your body grows stronger when you give it adequate time to heal in between workouts. Overuse injuries are a strong message that you need to take a break.

  1. Vary your workouts. Repetitive movements put more stress on your body because you keep using the same parts in the same ways. Try alternating exercises. If you’re a parent, keep in mind that children can be especially high risk if they over-specialize in one sport while their bodies are still developing.

  1. Change your equipment. Do your running shoes fit? Properly sized gear appropriate for your sport can help keep you safe.

  1. Consult a trainer. Precise alignment is another consideration. Study videos or work with a specialist who can teach you how to squat or pitch a softball correctly.

  1. Build up gradually. Avoid trying to do too much too soon. Adding 10% a week to your strength exercises, distance, or speed works for most adults.

  1. Warm up. Gentle movements prepare your body and mind for what’s ahead. Roll your shoulders and walk around for a few minutes before doing more challenging activities.

  1. Stretch your muscles. Complete your workouts by training for flexibility. Target your stiff spots and hold each stretch for a few minutes.

  1. Listen to your body. Structural issues or medical conditions can make overuse injuries more likely. Take extra care if you have flat feet or you tore your rotator cuff last winter when you were shoveling snow. Stop doing any activity that causes pain.

Treating Overuse Injuries:

  1. Take a break. Proper rest is essential for both prevention and treatment of injuries. It’s the first step in the standard RICE formula that you may have heard of. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

  1. Apply ice. Ice packs are most helpful when used early and often. During the first couple of days after an injury, they can dramatically reduce swelling and discomfort. To protect your skin, use a covered ice pack or wrap a bag of frozen peas in a towel.

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  1. Wrap it up. Elastic bandages also cut down on swelling. Limit their use to no more than 2 days in order to restore the normal blood flow necessary for healing.

  1. Elevate the area. Try to keep your hurt arm or leg at or above the level of your heart. Prop them up on a pillow while you’re watching TV or working.

  1. Relieve pain. Anti-inflammatory medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen may help. They’re available over-the-counter or in stronger prescription form. Follow the directions on the label and talk with your doctor if your symptoms last for more than 10 days.

  1. See your physician. Your doctor can recommend prevention and treatment strategies appropriate for your individual body. Talk with your health care professionals if home remedies aren’t working or you have any concerns.

Most overuse injuries can be prevented if you know the signs and take action promptly. Stay fit and active by giving your body the rest it needs and using proper form when you work out.

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