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Our Feet are always the last things we think of when it comes to our overall health, let alone considering any form of massage in these areas.

10 Reasons for Having a Foot Massage 

Getting a good foot massage is something individuals should consider, especially for those who walk a lot during the day.  A simple foot massage at home before bed can be all you need to ensure you have overall good health. Having this foot massage just before going to bed has tons of unexpected benefits than you can’t imagine. You don’t have to go to a Spa to do this, it can be done remotely at home and here are some of the benefits attached to this exercise:

1. It helps you relax.

A foot massage after a long and tiring day is one of the best stress pain-relieving treats one can enjoy when they get home. It is therapeutic in the sense that, feet being stroked gently, pulled or pressed helps you relax. It helps your feet get relieved of any pressure that may have been inflicted on it during the day.
2. Aid in blood circulation.
Stroking and pressing ones’ feet during a foot massage allows improved circulation to the veins and capillaries to facilitate proper blood circulation. Good blood circulation ensures diminished risks of getting heart diseases, varicose veins, among other illnesses, brought about by increased blood pressure. To achieve this, one has to carry out the right foot massage. This may involve pulling your finger toes, stroking all areas of the foot gently to facilitate blood circulation. It is easy to learn the technique.
3. Better sleep
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Foot Massage is the right way of ensuring that one can sleep well, especially if you are a person who has sleeping disorders. This can also be due to stress. There are times when you are not able to get enough sleep that the body needs. 

If the foot massage is done in the right way, it is an excellent promoter of sleep. The foot massage pressure should just be applied to the right areas to achieve this benefit.
4. Fights depression
Proper Foot massage is an excellent way to fight depression. Receiving a foot massage during a stressful period can go way further in helping you deal with the situation. 

 It provides consolation and balance that the body needs to respond well to the changes, the most sort after points would be at the center of the big toe or the center of your foot. It gives you much needed mental health and emotional stability.
5. Relieves pain and aches
Headaches and neck pains are a common phenomenon. An option for symptom relief to this can be a foot massage.  Stretching during a foot massage allows better blood flow to the legs and feet to help relieve discomfort. 

Pulling your toes gently provides relief from the pains and aches that you’re feeling in your body.
6. Healthier feet
Massage on your body ensures that you maintain healthier feet. It makes your ankles stable and flexible, keeping you safe from injuries and feet burning sensations. With frequent foot massage, you are sure to stay healthier form infections and other diseases. 

A foot massage ensures that blood flows well in the feet, thus giving your feet a good feel. It goes further to ensure your feet stay healthy all through.
7. Curbs Edema.
Foot Massage is an excellent way of reducing the effects of edema. It ensures that fluids in the lower region of the body are well circulated, thus protecting you from the frequent occurrences of edema. 

This is a typical recommendation to most pregnant women, it can be done with a friend or a specialized reflexologist.
8.Reduces PMS and menopause symptoms
Premenstrual syndrome is a significant problem with many women and young ladies;  it is a state that causes sadness, irritability, insomnia, among other fatigue-related complications. 

A foot massage allows improved circulation able to reduce the severity of these complications. The effects of menopause like depression can be reduced with foot massage on the inner foot.
Nonetheless, A foot massage ensures that couples enjoy a healthy sex life.  A foot massage ensures that your partner can relax and reduce tension and stiffness in the muscles.  
9. Lowers blood pressure
Regular Foot massage ensures that instances of high blood pressure are controlled; this is because foot massage helps reduce ones’ systolic blood pressure and triglyceride. This can be achieved by squeezing each side of your foot. 

Proper blood circulation in the body is essential as it ensures a constant blood pressure that is essential for the organization. 

This is well achieved when one’s feet are squeezed, and the toes pulled gently as it opens up the veins and capillaries.
10.Helps with restless leg syndrome
Regular Foot massage also benefits individuals with restless leg syndrome can facilitate getting enough sleep at night. A regular foot massage may be just the right thing needed to get undisturbed sound sleep. 

Good blood flow makes it easier to sleep as the body is relaxed and blood flows well thus giving you improved 
In conclusion, a few minutes of foot massage before going to bed is a self-pampering worth trying.

One can enjoy benefits attached to a foot massage. One can also improvise by using warm towels and oils that make the massage more relaxing… 

If done every day, a foot massage can help you decrease symptoms of primary ailments.


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