This is our temporary announcement board due to our Group Situation on FB. Once that is resolved, our announcements and updates will resume in that group. My first ever experience of being hacked, as I have been aggressive in blocking undesirables in the group, whose profiles I cannot trace and confirm and has been sending nasty links to our group and messed with our videos. Hopefully you did not get to see them, nor clicked their links. I never thought having to prove who I am to FB can be a very taxing endeavor, to think that there are no violations listed on our group account. But that “it is at their discretion to do so”. But FB is FB and all have to abide by their rules. If the most prominent of personalities can be blocked, small, little, insignificant me can easily become a statistic. FB was nice enough to rescind but will take a week before we, group Admins can be reinstated. Ha! Ha!

But to get to the important matters: We will have only 16 teams at this time, to ensure that ease of the order of the competition is upheld. Division A & B can still take on players, WE ARE NEAR PLAY CAPACITY!!!

We will accept teams on the waiting list however, as there may be teams who will not be available at the last moment. Members, (not the admins) can post on FB so you can still visit the group on FB and post T-shirt orders.


  1. Joseph Larrabee & Bill Lewin
  2. Jess Rodriguez & Bong Tan
  3. Gerardo Dorado & Dr. Gerry Rodriguez
  4. Fred / Rene Agoncillo
  5. Richard Ilagan & Mark Cabahug
  6. Glen Gandiongco & Dr. Sergio Balingit
  7. Marko Remedio & Jun Impreso
  8. Roderick Matin-ao & Owen Renejane 
  9. Robert Obet Mac & Gerry Garcia
  10. Glenn Montenegro & Edwin Ballellos
  11. JC Rodriguez & Christian Rasband
  12. Dr. Norman Novis & Kenneth Apalisok
  13. Edward Naron & Bimbo Enriquez
  14. Father Ramon Bolatete & Roderick Enjambre
  15. Dennis Manabat & Henry Ben
  16.  Eric Golden & Partner


  1. Don Ray Villarin & Adner Barrios
  2. Derek Maglasang & Nick Farrokh
  3. Angelo Fernandez & Francis Guantero
  4. Dr. Srinivas Attanti & Partner
  5. Dr. Reyes & Partner
  6. Dr. George Couturier & Partner
  7. Dennis Lumpay & Partner
  8. Richard Horsley & Dominic Ungson
  9. Elmer Arcenal & R.D.
  10. Leo Lopez & Joel Yap
  11. Jun Tolentino & Michael Basbano
  12. Eric Villanueva & Jovan Cinco
  13. Ronald Eijansantos & Lito de la Cruz
  14. Willie Erana & Boboy Valencia
  15. Kyle Tetterton & Partner


  1. Eve Schotter & Carina Gandiongco
  2. Kim Vose & Lori Delsole
  3. Mary Ann Ballellos & Nikki Ann Ballelos
  4. Vilma Naron & Lovena Suson

(ADDITIONAL REGISTRANTS BELOW, /RESERVED/WAITING LIST, will determine pairing if we have 3 more women’s pair to participate. It has to be 8 pairs to have proper pairing for the competition) Encouraging lady players for the women’s doubles!

  1. Bing Tiu & Partner

WE ARE GOOD FOR THE WOMEN’S DOUBLES PLAY! We will keep a waiting list open, just in case. 4 more pairs would be ideal, if we do get more registrants.


  1.  Vilma Naron & Lucky Partner
  2.  Lovena Suson & Lucky Partner
  3. Eve Schotter & Lucky Partner
  4. Carina Gandiongco & Lucky Partner
  5. Kim Vose & Lucky Partner
  6. Mary Ann Ballellos & Lucky Partner
  7. Nikki Ann Ballelos & Lucky Partner
  8. Lori Delsole & Lucky Partner

WE ARE GOOD FOR THE MIXED DOUBLES EVENT! WE ARE….. FULL!!! Ideal order of play. We will keep a waiting list open, however, just in case!

10/16/2021 UPDATE: – We reopened the JUNIOR’S DIVISION AS THERE ARE REGISTRANTS. Junior Players can play FREE, they don’t have to pay the registration fee. This is to appreciate and encourage their participation in the event. We love our Junior players as they are the future players. We will accommodate any number of Junior players and will determine order of play on the day of the event, based on attendance. We have a special round for them, special awards and surprises that they will love! 

JUNIOR DIVISION: (Boys & Girls Combo)

  1. (Team 1 Names coming up – officially registered/committed)
  2. (Team 2 Names coming up – Officially Committed)
  3. (Team 3 Names coming up – Officially Committed)


The above schematic diagram is to give you an idea why 16 Pairs for each division is ideal. I did my best drawing, hahah!

We have a surprise scheme of play, where everyone gets to battle, even if a team loses the Round of 16/First Round!!! This is to make your participation and attendance count, as, our goal is to promote this enjoyment of the game!!! I can assure you, this is a very unique platform as suggested by Jess Rodriguez, to promote the goodwill and camaraderie among us. You will not regret to be in this tournament! No one has ever done this before! You will know on the day of the Event. I had to revise my order of trophies as well, to accommodate this style of play!

All I can say is, be prepared for SURPRISES, SURPRISES, AND MORE SURPRISE MATCHES even for the ladies who attend the event. YOU WILL LOVE IT! It will be a lot of fun for you to stay through the EVENT! It will be well worth it, I can assure you!

I apologize I have to do this posting here. It is not my wish to be self-serving on my website. This is just for the time being, for no one will bother us here, as I own and manage this domain. Until we are able to post again, next week, just check out the BLOG SECTION to get updates. I appreciate your patience. You can still message me on Messenger for questions and inquiries.

Again, thank you and HAVE AN AMAZING AND BLESSED DAY! (Please check below for T-shirt orders:)

  1. Lito de la Cruz – 1 Blk & 1 Wht = Large
  2. Glenn Montenegro – BLK/3X
  3. Rady Dorado – BLK/Small
  4. Ting Derek – BLK/medium & 1 Blk/Large
  5. Adner Barrios – BLK/small
  6. Anjlo Fernz – BLK/XXL
  7. Don Ray Villarin – BLK/medium
  8. Eric Villanueva – BLK/medium
  9. Jess Rodriguez – WHT/Med
  10. Ronald Eijansantos – BLK/Medium
  11. Garry Garcia – WHT/Small
  12. Glen Gandiongco – BLK/Medium
  13. JC Rodriguez – WHT/Med
  14. Joel Yap – BLK/2x
  15. Kcridor Clear – BLK/Large
  16. Juhvann Conci – WHT/Large
  17. Kenneth Apalisok – 1 BLK, 1 WHT, Large
  18. Chico Pinerito – WHT/Large

OTHER UPDATES: (10/13/2021)

  1. Trophy Order is COMPLETE! Delivery date is the end of October, so we made it in time. T-shirts are ordered, arriving October 28, 2021. 

  2. Dr. Novis is donating the high-end tennis balls specific for clay. Hoorayyyy! Thank you, Dr. Novis! 

  3. We have 2 pairs of Juniors Mixed Doubles Teams who will play an exhibition game. We will recognize them, and they will also receive an award for their effort. We encourage our Junior players as they are the future! (Once our knees can no longer bend or straighten out without producing a distinctive symphony. 🙂


Using Paced Breathing to Stop Anxiety and Hot Flashes

Using Paced Breathing to Stop Anxiety and Hot Flashes

Paced breathing beats normal breathing when it comes to managing many common health conditions or just feeling more energetic. Something as simple as lengthening each inhalation and exhalation can help you feel fitter and more at ease.


♦Benefits of Paced Breathing


1. Reduce hot flashes. woman with flowing hair


Changing the way you breathe affects your body’s autonomic nervous system. Your autonomic nervous system helps maintain your body temperature, so changing over to paced breathing minimizes hot flashes.

2. Tame anxiety.

Anyone who is prone to panic attacks knows what it’s like to be short of breath. If you’re being treated for anxiety and depression, ask your doctor about using paced breathing as a supplement to conventional care. It’s also great for ordinary daily challenges like traffic jams and lost luggage.



Also Read: Powerful Pain Relief through Meditation



3. Boost your mood.

Most people feel a little lazy or blue from time to time. Delivering more oxygen to your brain will make you more alert and cheerful.

happy women

4. Manage stress.

Modern life is full of pressures and demands. Getting stress under control with paced breathing helps to prevent chronic inflammation as well as emotional distress.



Also Read: Amazing 10 Benefits of Walking Daily



5. Cope with pain.

Childbirth is one of the most obvious occasions when patients use breathing techniques. You can apply it to any kind of pain. Experts debate exactly how it works, but it seems to provide a distraction and helps you to loosen up.


6. Sleep better.

Get relief from tossing and turning until dawn. Fall asleep faster and wake up less frequently during the night.


7. Promote healing.

Studies show that skillful breathing can help recovery times. If you have major surgery scheduled or you injure your knee jogging, you may be able to get back in shape faster than you think.

swing in a patio garden

8. Strengthen your immune system.

The quality of your breath plays a big role in keeping you fit and strong. You’ll find you catch fewer colds and you’ll increase your resistance to more serious conditions.


♦Training Yourself in Paced Breathing


  • Understand your hormones.

    Stress triggers higher levels of adrenaline, which is associated with short and shallow breathing. When you relax, your brain produces more choline, so your breathing becomes deeper and more leisurely.


  • Slow down. Gradually work your way down to 5 to 8 breaths a minute.

    The average rate is about 15 to 20. When you get down to about 5 breaths, stay there. Otherwise, you may get dizzy.



  • Inhale deeply.

    Breathe in through your nostrils. Count to at least 2-3 seconds.

    Slowly draw air up from your diaphragm.

    Experiment with going deeper each time.



  • Exhale fully. Pay equal attention to exhaling.

  • ♥ Let all the air out gently and slowly and count mentally 5 seconds. (One thousand one, One thousand two, one thousand three, etc.)

    Match the length of each exhalation to the length of each inhalation.


  • Aim for two sessions a day.

    Some studies show that you get the best results when you practice twice a day. Brief sessions of 5 to 15 minutes are fine. You can even make progress in as little as two minutes.



  • Pick a focal point.

    If you have trouble concentrating on your breath, use an aid that works for you. Count your breaths or silently repeat an inspiring word or phrase to yourself. If you prefer visual images, look at a candle or a pretty flower.


  • Continue your education.

    There are many variations on breathing mindfully. Once you’ve mastered paced breathing, you may want to go on to learn other styles. Sign up for a yoga or meditation class or browse through your local library for books and CDs.

Paced breathing is a safe and natural method that anyone can learn. It helps eliminate anxiety and hot flashes. It’s free and simple and you can take it everywhere you go. Start living better with every breath you take.


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7 Crazy and Unusual Treatments for Chronic Pain

7 Crazy and Unusual Treatments for Chronic Pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain? As you know too well, the pain can affect your ability to work, socialize, and enjoy life. Chronic pain is a challenging issue to treat. However, scientists have found unusual treatments that can help reduce suffering.


If you’ve already tried traditional methods without success, then you may want to consider these unusual treatments:


1. Bee venom.

What??? Bee Venom?? Yes indeed! Bee venom can be used in an acupuncture treatment to help reduce chronic pain.



  • You may run from the bees in your garden, but their venom can actually help you. Bee venom acupuncture has to be done in a professional setting and not your yard.


  • A study titled, “Bee venom acupuncture for the treatment of chronic low back pain: study protocol for a randomized, double-blinded, sham-controlled trial,” found that the venom can help patients. Researchers also found bee venom improves circulation and lessons inflammation.


  • If you’re allergic to bee stings, then you can’t use this treatment.


2. Sugar therapy.

Unfortunately, this treatment doesn’t involve eating cupcakes, cakes, candy, or other delicious treats.


  • Sugar therapy, or prolotherapy, involves injecting sugar solutions into painful joints and tendons. Doctors usually use a dextrose solution. The goal is to make the joints and tendons fix themselves.


3. Guided imagery.

You can use your brain to control chronic pain.

nature view


  • Guided imagery involves working with a professional to help you focus on specific pictures. These images are combined with words, so you work on eliminating illness from your body.


  • For example, you may visualize a scene that involves your cells reducing inflammation to make your pain go away.


These drugs are usually reserved for patients who suffer from seizures. However, they can also help those who have chronic pain.


  • It’s a medical mystery, but people are already using anticonvulsants to treat chronic pain. Scientists are still studying the treatment to determine why it helps with pain.


4. Pain pacemakers.

You can get a device similar to a heart pacemaker for pain. The pain pacemaker is used to stimulate the spinal cord with electrical signals. This helps to reduce the discomfort. The pain pacemaker requires surgery to be installed.

drawing of a human spine/skeleton

5. Spinal medication pumps.

Instead of sending electrical signals, these medication pumps send drugs to fight chronic pain.


  • The medication is sent to the spinal cord after you push a button. You can control how much and how often the pumps work. The medications used for the pumps tend to be in high doses.


These drugs are being used beyond treating depression. They can reduce chronic pain in some cases.



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  • Researchers believe the antidepressants affect brain chemicals that control the pain. They state that patients don’t need to have depression to see benefits because the drugs can help decrease pain signals.


This treatment helps people who suffer from chronic pain by teaching them to manage the pain.


6.  Hypnosis.

The Arthritis Foundation recommends hypnosis as an alternative treatment plan because it doesn’t have side effects. Hypnosis can help you relax and manage the pain. You want to work with a qualified hypnotherapist for the best results.

hypnosis watch and chair


♦ Also Read: 7 Practical Tips to Dealing with Chronic Pain



7. Tart cherry juice.

Drinking tart cherry juice may be one of the easiest alternative treatments for pain. Researchers found that it has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce oxidative stress.

woman holding a glass of cherry juice

You can fight chronic pain with several alternative and unusual treatments. If you suffer from chronic pain, ask your doctor about these treatments. One of them may give you some much-needed relief!

Just being able to share this information might make a difference by guiding someone into researching more about this indeed, unusual treatment alternatives. When conventional treatment doesn’t work, why not?

Thanks all again for reading!


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HYDRACOCO Coconut Water SPORT Version: A Personal Product Review

HYDRACOCO Coconut Water SPORT Version: A Personal Product Review

Hydracoco Coconut Water, SPORT, is this company’s version of coconut water with added Vitamins. Curious, I just had to give it a try. It boasts of added vitamins including Vitamin D, calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, phosphorous and magnesium.

With coconut water, I like the benefit of potassium, mainly, as  inherent from the coconut water itself. When you add Vitamin B12 to that, plus the other vitamins and nutrients, now that’s some awesome refreshing energy drink for sure! With the Hydracoco Sport coconut water, you get 50% of the daily value of Vitamin B12, and 25% DV of the Vitamin B6. The relevance of these two together, I will explain later..



IMPROVES ENERGY FOR TASK PERFORMANCE. Just to mention a few, Vitamin B12 is known and is essential for energy. A deficiency in this nutrient causes fatigue. Muscles need signaling by neurotransmitters to contract. It is Vitamin B12 that makes this happen. Imagine engaging in your sport with the benefit of coconut water itself, and now, fortified with the energy- giving Vitamin B12! No wonder high performance athletes and sportsmen favor it!

Other benefits: list of hydracoco vitamins




***HELPS MAINTAIN A HEALTHY HEART, AND CAN REDUCE RISKS FOR NEUROLOGIC DEGENERATION (May reduce risk for developing dementia/Alzheimer’s disease).



Now, the above is just a brief summary of the benefits of Vitamin B12. Seeing that the Hydracoco Coconut Water Sport is infused with Vitamin B12, that is just a smart and innovative concept. An interesting combination is also the presence of Vitamin B6, which is a Vitamin B12 enhancer. The body cannot absorb Vitamin B12, without Vitamin B6. Quite an interesting fact. The B Complex Vitamins are considered metabolic enhancers and are crucial to the body being able to convert into energy the nutrients from the food we eat.

Now, the rest of the Vitamins mentioned above found in the Hydracoco Coconut water, are not new to us. Vitamin C for the immune system, and the rest. I will not expound on that. But you get the idea. A great refreshing drink infused with these energy enhancing health supplements just makes it a great sports drink indeed.

Potassium that is inherent in coconut water, as we know, is necessary for the normal functioning of all cells. It regulates the heartbeat, ensures proper function of the muscles and nerves, and is vital for synthesizing protein and metabolizing carbohydrates. – HARVARD HEALTH PUBLISHING



hydracoco bottleNow, about the HYDRACOCO SPORT Coconut water drink. First thing I noticed, was the unique concept of the cap, having a sliver of sharp plastic. Not reading the instructions at first, I did not quite understand what it was for. Apparently, you have to turn the cap upside down over the mouth of the bottle, to cut through the silver metallic covering. What an awesome idea! I hate opening bottle or jar where I have to risk breaking a nail trying to pull and tear that stiff, silver foil covering off.

Personally, the size and shape of this bottle is just perfect for the shape of the hand. Not too big, not too narrow. The bottle is made of a sturdy plastic and for sure, helps with keeping the liquid content’s shelf life. I dropped it a few times at the tennis court in between games. Not a dent. LOL.



I can definitely distinguish the taste between the HYDRACOCO Coconut water in can, and the SPORT version. You can really tell the fortified taste with vitamins. Knowing however, that I am getting some of the nutrients I need daily to enjoy my game, it is way better than leading sports hydration drinks.  To me, the HYDRACOCO SPORT version has more of a “boost” if I may explain it that way. My tennis friends who tried it, (because I gave them some to try) loved the taste as well. It is very refreshing chilled. I always carry a cooler with ice packs anyway. As usual, it is really an energizing drink. Playing with crazy tennis buddies who don’t quit playing until lights out? It is an essential.


What caught my attention with this product, is it’s story. I tend to be drawn to products who have a “soul”, so to speak. This brand has a commendable story of resilience, and a rising up, from what could be considered a tragedy. It has the component of friendship that withstood challenges and continued to thrive despite the odds.

Out of curiosity, I happened to communicate with one of the owners of HYDRACOCO. Now, for a company’s owner to be so responsive, congenial and taking time to reach out to its consumers, is admirable. I did not have an idea that I was messaging with David Montoto, the Hydracoco co-founder. His words were down to earth, and gave credit to his best friend Alex, (sorry, I do not know his last name) who is the company CEO. He related how this friend kept the Hydracoco dream alive. This was while David himself was going through grave health issues, even to the extent of requiring a kidney / pancreas transplant.

Both very active, Alex was apparently also a health buff and has been an advocate of coconut water for hydration post intensive workouts. David on the other hand, was an active, competitive tennis player. What do you know! He is also of a sport that I am crazy about! These two friends, through the challenges, pulled through and put together this company, now known to 4 countries and over 3000 stores selling their product.

Now, that’s what I call, a story worth reading.




Needless to say, HYDRACOCO as you may have seen on Instagram and the rest of its social media platforms, have people raving about it. I am sure we will be hearing more about the evolution of this company.

For the average person like me, however, I just appreciate that there is a product that I truly like. A hydrating drink that I know, has helped me enjoy a sport I truly love. For many, it has become a staple in their daily workouts and sports they love and engage in!



 > > > > Check out this Article about HYDRACOCO PURE COCONUT WATER


How I was able to start a WordPress Website with the No Hassle Website Offer for $99.

How I was able to start a WordPress Website with the No Hassle Website Offer for $99.

No Hassle Website Review & Journey: From a Physical Therapist with No Technical Know-How

I have wanted to migrate my Blogger Blog posts to a WordPress site. Having no knowledge of how to get started, I found out on Fiverr, my go-to gig site, that  WordPress websites can cost a lot. By the hundreds in fact. Then, I came across an ad for the NO Hassle website for &99. I thought it was a fluke. Here’s what I saw:

“The ONLY ready-made website that already has EVERYTHING an entrepreneur like yourself needs: a beautiful,  professional, flawless, fully customizable, sales-driven, service-based site, with built-in pages, opt-ins, shop, landing page, thank-you page, SEO and even Facebook tracking pixels!” Just plug in your info & images and you are done. REALLY. The perfect COMBINATION of a DIY & a Designer Website.

I just had to give it a try as I desperately needed a WordPress website, which I learned has more functionality. If indeed, this offer can get you a pre-made website with the most common components one can want, I want in.



desktop screens



Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against freelancers. They can do a great job. For me, it is just very costly. Fiverr has freelancers who could do this for a fee. Starting from a few pages to a complex multipage site with E-commerce capabilities, plug-ins, and more. The price, however, goes up as more features are added.

♦  ♦  ♦

perpetual income

What Is Perpetual Income 365? Perpetual Income 365 is a plug-and-play affiliate marketing software created for all levels – newbies to advanced marketers, seeking to enable ordinary people who have zero internet experience to make a full-time income through affiliate marketing using our own plug-and-play system! The ultimate goal for us is to make you a healthy 5-figures recurring income promoting us while helping others achieve financial freedom at the same time. CLICK HERE TO START EARNING AFFILIATE INCOME TODAY!

♦ ♦ ♦

The downfall for this, however, is that once it is completed, you are left to maintain your website. If you are a beginning blogger like me, even posting articles on a website will prove to be a very daunting task. At least, it is for me. Maintaining the website and customizing is another thing. That takes patience (which I admit I don’t have much of, with techie stuff!). Being a busy physical therapist in an orthopedic office and managing the rehab department takes up most of my time.




My thought process was, what if, I wanted to include videos, images, change the looks, the layout, and design, I would have to hire another freelancer or developer to do that for me. Who has that time?





What I learned with freelancers on Fiverr when I published Ebooks on Kindle, Audiobooks on Audible with Amazon is that it does take time to complete the project. Meanwhile, I am there, twiddling my thumbs waiting on each segment (Book Cover design, formatting, etc.) to be completed.

This time, I wanted to LEARN more about how to navigate WordPress. This way, I can go through my blogging journey actually learning how to manage my website. No Hassle website was my first attempt.

It took only 3 days for my order to be completed. True enough, it was only $99. And… wow, it indeed came with the pages I needed for what I wanted. An ABOUT page, Home, Services, BLOG, Contact Page, and even a scheduling page loaded with Calendly. Honestly, I am still trying to work on that scheduling page. I may have use for that later on.

A really great added bonus I think, is its Woocommerce functionality. How cool is that! It is even pre-loaded with three sample products that one can start building on. I intend to sell products at some point on this website and just knowing I can get started on it with the samples provided, is a great help!




The NoHassle website deal is hosted on DIVI, which I am proud to say, I am quite learning more to navigate. Neta, from the No Hassle website, has been a great help. It came with instructions on pretty much EVERYTHING you need to know how to set this up. There was no way I could have even have started without those instructional videos.

I had the videos open on one tab, and working on my website on the other tab. I felt like a kindergarten pupil working on the website referring to the video instructions. Playing the instructions, pausing it, doing it on the site, and then watching the video again. But, it all came together.

I’m not gonna lie, it was not all fine and dandy. There were times I had to pause and take deep breaths. Screaming on my pillow as I get frustrated happened a few times. After all, I have an excuse. Haha! I heal and fix broken bodies with little to no tech skills whatsoever!




I have tried putting up a blog site in the past with a Wix site. It was drag and drop. The website for some reason soon slowed and became more difficult to manage.  I had nowhere to turn to for tech support. When clinical projects took precedence over my blogging adventures, I just gave it up. One regret I had was, I never bothered to save all the blogs on that website which I should have. Articles on that blog site were all originals.

Going back to my No Hassle website journey, indeed, my website is up and running, yay! My blogs on Blogger by Google are finally migrated into the NoHassle WordPress website. It is not perfect, but I learned how to upload my blog posts, add images and even embed Youtube videos! For me, that was an accomplishment in itself. It did take time for me how to work that on that module.

daily affiliate


What I found with the DIVI theme is that you have to get familiar with the different blocks and what they do. Differentiating sections, rows, and modules took time for me. Saving what I did, was one thing I learned the hard way. After completing all I needed to load in a page, I forget to SAVE it. Which was really supposedly a no-brainer after you complete a project. But, there it was, it happened many times.

After a while, you get the hang of it, however. Proud to say, I learned how to customize fonts, size, borders, shades, adding links, formatting, and more. A  great accomplishment for someone like me who doesn’t know anything about putting websites together.




My website is still a work in progress. Just learning how to do the basics and knowing that I can edit and revise things and content anytime I want without having to pay an arm and a leg is very fulfilling. In the past, I have paid hundreds, even thousands total just to have an up and running website. One bad experience I had was a website being held hostage by the developer demanding more pay for additional features and revisions I needed. That was not a pleasant experience.

To summarize my experience with the NOHassle website: It is a lifesaver for one like me who does not want to spend much to get started with a website.




  1. COST – impossibly reasonable. You can’t find a better deal for what is included in the offer.
  2. FEATURES – Great deal for having all the features you could want in a website without any additional cost.
  3. INSTRUCTIONS – This was the most welcome help I have ever gotten. The videos of Neta (founder of the NoHassle Website) teaching you how to get started from start to finish, were very well thought of! I really think she made it so easy, that I actually felt like I can do it!
  4. THE LOOK – I chose the Orange and Blue Theme and am very happy with it. It looked clean, simple. I was able to change border shading, backgrounds, font sizes, and types, easily.
  5. SUPPORT / COMMUNICATION – Now this one is I could really say Neta is the best! She has responded to my queries in video format. It comes across as very personal, and very helpful Just today, I submitted a support ticket around 8:32 AM, and by 9:34 AM, I had a response from her in my inbox! Now, that is SUPPORT indeed.

An Independent Review


Just to make it clear, Neta, founder of the No-Hassle website offer does not have an affiliate program. I did ask her about it, as I was just a believer in her offer. I was impressed by the fact that she is down to earth and wants to stay organic about wanting her product to be known for what it is. And the price is just unbelievable. $99. Nothing can beat that for what you get.

This review has no compensation from her in any shape or form. Just her being able to offer this to many like me is just exceptional. I support any product or program that has helpful and real benefits to consumers like me.

Please refer to my NoHassle Website to check out my efforts:

This was my Blogger by Google Website as well:

Click to Check out the No Hassle Website here…

If you have any questions regarding my journey with putting up this website, do message me! I would love to hear from you! Even if it is only how I can inspire you to get started with your own blog using the No-Hassle website offer.

I understand that the hardest thing in a blogging journey is just taking that first step. I am still on that journey. As you can see, I haven’t even monetized my site yet. This is still a journey. But as scary as it was, I took the first step. YOU CAN DO THIS too!

My earlier journeys in blogging: 





2 Amazing Tips to Trim and Tone Your Body for Summer

2 Amazing Tips to Trim and Tone Your Body for Summer

Simple Strategies for Summer: Trim and Tone Your Body

We’re finally into the summer – bikini months! Do you feel a little uneasy about swimsuit weather? If so, try following these simple strategies to trim and tone. No matter what your body type, shape, and build, you can make the most of what body you are in. They may make the difference between having a self-conscious summer and enjoying fun in the sun.

Trim Your Body

Trimming your body likely involves losing a few pounds. Thankfully, all it requires is a little bit of discipline and patience to acquire these weight-reducing habits.

Remember to talk about your wish to lose weight with your doctor. He’ll most likely have some great tips for you and might even provide you with a printed nutritional program to follow.

  1. Decrease incoming calories from your drinks. Reduce or cut out sugared beverages like juices, teas, and sodas.
  • If you like sweet drinks, try sweetening them with Stevia. Stevia is one of the newer non-caloric sweeteners available on the market. Made from the leaf of a plant, Stevia is all-natural and doesn’t carry the health risks of many other artificial sweeteners.


  • The healthiest choices for beverages are water or herbal tea. Research and read about natural water-reducing herbals to get rid of bloating that can make your belly look big and bulging. Natural diuretics are easy to find in health food stores. The most common ingredient for this type of water weight reduction supplements is dandelion, green tea, juniper berry, cranberry.


  • Some combinations include potassium to regulate electrolyte levels while the body is getting rid of water. These natural diuretics do help with getting rid of that water weight and bloating. A downside, however, is frequent trips to the bathroom. This is still worth the hassle, for me, however, as I do use these whenever I feel I need it.


  1. Avoid high-calorie desserts. As summer approaches, avoid fat-laced desserts and replace them with lower fat and reduced-calorie treats, such as fat-free Jell-O and puddings. Strive to eat three fruits a day, one after each meal for dessert.

Tone Your Body

flat belly burn


Toning your body involves increasing muscle strength and definition. When you increase muscle definition, you look stronger and in great shape.

These simple strategies will help you tone up for summer:


  1. Do floor exercises while watching television. Use a rubber mat or thick layers of blankets to provide a protective, comfortable cushion. Start out by doing 10 each of these exercises:
  • Perform the calisthenics you used to do in gym class when you were in high school. Maybe you did jumping jacks or bent to touch your toes. Go slowly with these; quick movements can injure and also don’t yield the benefits of taking your time with exercise.


  • Do abdominal crunches.


  • While sitting on the floor, stretch your legs out from your body at 45-degree angles. Then, bend forward at the waist and do alternating toe touches-right hand to left toes and left hand to right toes. Like with calisthenics, slow and steady wins the race.


  • Also while sitting, make circles in the air with your outstretched foot and toes.


  • Lie on your right side and do side leg raises. Then, do the same on your left side.


  1. Another sure way to get toned is to jog. Experts advise getting good quality running shoes to support and protect your feet, ankles, and legs. Jogging tones your legs, arms, and abdomen. Plus, you’ll feel stronger and experience an increase in your overall physical stamina.
  • Begin your jogging program by walking.


  • Then, increase walking speed in the second week of your program.


  • During the third week, pick up your walking speed even more.


  • In the fifth week, try jogging periodically throughout your walk.


  • Alternate walking and jogging until the end of your workout.


  • Gradually increase the distance or amount of time you jog.


  • Before you know it, you’ll be jogging short distances.


Of course, before beginning any form of exercise, check with your doctor for approval. And always do warm-up and cool-down stretches before and after your workouts.


If you try even a few of the suggestions above, you’ll come out ahead for summer. Before you know it, you’ll feel more comfortable in a swimsuit and ready for the beach!

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